Hon. Gus Hawkins’ Birthday

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Augustus_Freeman_Hawkins-240x300Today, August 31, is Hon. Augustus F. Hawkins’ birthday. He would be 103 years old today. When asked what gave him such longevity, he would routinely say, “Just good living, as distinct from ‘living good’.” In observation, he ate oatmeal for breakfast, everyday. We all had oatmeal this morning, in tribute.

His simple statement on leadership complements the way he lived it. Thank you for giving a moment to Gus Hawkins’ memory.

Chappie Grice


“The leadership belongs not to the loudest, not to those who beat the drums or blow the trumpets, but to those who day in and day out, in all seasons, work for the practical realization of a better world – those who have the stamina to persist and to remain dedicated. To those belong the leadership.”

Augustus F. Hawkins

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