NEA Human & Civil Rights Award

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PHOTO-NEA-Award-300x225There isn’t much to say here except “thank you” to all the friends and mentors that have supported my quest in public education. Chief among them are my folks, my dear friends, Congressman Gus Hawkins, and the National Council on Educating Black Children.

With the help of Mr. Ken Berry, Portland, and his vision for integrating education and the arts, we produce, through the good offices of World Arts Foundation, Inc., one of the largest tributes to a great American hero, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. That single event, presented in a variety of forms, for 25 consecutive years, coupled with forty years of striving in the classroom, the boardroom , and the cutting room floor, propelled me into an incredible spotlight.

It was easily the biggest award I’ve ever received. The H. Trent Councill Memorial Award for Human and Civil Rights was presented in New Orleans, July 2, 2010. It was a full-blown “Oscar night” type banquet and production and placed me among other award winners whose contributions to human and civil rights dwarf my achievements. Ed Hamilton, for example, is a major sculptor from Louisville, Kentucky. Look him up. In fact, please visit the website and see the entire program.

Here is the video they put together to introduce me during the program:


And here are my acceptance comments:


May God grant us the good sense to make good use of such a distinguished honor and work together to improve the conditions of urban, public education.

Call me: 415.722.4348

Be well.

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